BEGINNER           First to third year of dance, beginner is for all with little experience.

                       You will be learning the basics and foundations of                          

                       your chosen style                                                                         

ELEMENTARY       Second to sixth year of dance, elementary is for all with a couple                                        of years in dance. With a basic understanding of movement here you will be

                        challenged in both technique and choreography.

INTERMEDIATE      Second to sixth year of dance, intermediate is for all with a couple of years

                        experience and a display of advancing technique. Able to pick up         

                        choreography quite well here you will be challenged in a higher level of

                        technique and pushed in performance in your chosen style.

ADVANCED         Third to endless years of dance, Advance is for all who are well versed in

                        technique and choreography. Here you will be challenged with an advanced

                        level of technique, choreography and performance.

OPEN                Can be all levels of experience keeping in mind that teaching style will be at

                       an advanced level. 


dance styles 


Jazz - Is a performance dance technique and style with an upbeat tempo. Appropriate and available for all age groups especially those starting out, this style is a fun and challenging way to meet new friends and keep active.


Fusion - A mixture between Lyrical and Contemporary both these styles strive to connect the body and mind through expression of movement and emotion. Both technically challenging and dramatic this style is great for all ages starting at the age of 8.


Ballet - The mother all technique, don't let this graceful and gentle style fool you, this traditional style exists to inspire and challenge all dancers and enhance technique. Available for all age groups and a great starting point for all dancers.  


Hip Hop - Street dance culture which includes a wide range of hip hop styles, Focuses on the technique of rhythm and movement. This is a great way to meet friends and is available for all ages groups starting at the age of 5.


Musical Theatre - Is rooted in the diverse history of Broadway Musicals, this style and performance based dance is a fun filled class full of expression and acting which rely on the knowledge of Ballet, Jazz and Tap. 


Tap - Sound that is made by metal tap on the heel and toe. This fun and challenging art is a loud and great way to express dance, available for all age groups starting at the age of 3.  


Heels - A new and popular extension of the performing arts, this style is a challenging and empowering dance practiced in heels. A great way to introduce a new level of confidence this style is available for ages 14 and up.   

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