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Anticipating the arrival of the 3rd installment of the Muse production in 2024!


DATE SET: 20th July


Welcome to the first 

Capital Dance Studios will be hosting ‘Muse The Dance Competition’ in 2024. 

Please read the rules, terms, and conditions, before moving to the video submission instructions on the last page.


‘Muse The Dance Competition’ is a social competition and there will only be one open level aimed for intermediate to advanced performers.

You can apply as a solo act or a doubles act, nothing more.


There will be 4- 5 finalists in each category and 1 reserve. If you are made a reserve, you will be given at least 20 days’ notice if a finalist drops out. If you are not notified prior to 20 days out from the competition date, please assume that you have not been accepted in the final line up (please feel free to contact us via email to double check.


Competitors must be aged 17+, (as of 1st of January 2024). The full routine must be choreographed by the competitor(s) applying.


Routines must be a minimum of 2 minutes 45 seconds and maximum of 3 minutes. You are allowed 5 seconds leeway either side of this minimum and maximum time.


Props are allowed if they fit in the venue. Please ask Amy for confirmation once the venue is announced. TBC on liquids, confetti, and mess in general.

Routines are allowed a maximum two human props. However, human props are only to dance with the competitor(s) for a maximum of 1 minute (this does not have to be in one chunk, but can be split throughout the routine). Human props should only be adding to the competitor(s)’ show and not take away from the competitor(s). Human props may stay stationary on the stage when not dancing.


Attire must strictly have no nudity in all categories. This means no tiny G-strings or nipple covers/tassels. Competitor(s) will automatically be deducted 10 points at deliberation if this is breached. 


Routines must strictly contain no vulgar movements. Competitor(s) will automatically be deducted 10 points at deliberation if this is breached.


Each routine will be marked out of a total of 50 points.


5 points – Costume and overall presentation

(Does the costume match the theme? Has effort been made?) 


5 points – Theme/vibe

(Does the routine make sense from beginning to end? Is the vibe consistent throughout the routine?)


20 points - Originality and choreography

This encompasses:

  • Musicality (Ability to hit beats and connect to the music)

  • Cleanliness (Are your movements clear and strong?)


5 points – Execution of category

(Did the competitor accomplish the category rules and style? Did they manage to nail the routine?)


15 points – Performance

(Did the competitor give that WOW factor? Did they perform the whole way through? Did the performer make you feel like you were watching a show?)


Three judges will be selected and based off the four categories. All three judges will have experience in at least one of the four categories. Each judge will mark you based off your performance and ability to execute the routine, and provide feedback. Deliberation will take place half way through and at the end of the competition before winners are announced.


One competitor from each category will be crowed as a WINNER! Each winner will have the choice to be a choreographer in the 3rd instalment of the Muse show – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ and present a solo in the show. There will also be an overall champion from the four categories’ winners, who will have the opportunity to be featured in the Muse Show – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’.


There are four categories. Each category will be marked on entertainment, technique, ability to display the category’s dance style, and engagement with the audience.


  1. HEELS

And we’re not talking about kitty heels. We want the stilettos ;) The performer must demonstrate technique, choreography, and style in heels! You can incorporate your individual style, such as a lyrical, slow, sexy, fast, hip hop, strong, sharp, or gooey style, it is up to you! We love a theme, but you don’t need to present one, as long as the vibe is consistent throughout the routine.


Other things you should know:

  • Commercial Heels. Stilettos, chorus heels above 2 inchs… NO platform heels (pole heels).

  • Must be majority standing.

  • Maximum floor work choreography of 40 seconds.



It’s all floor and nothing more! The performer must demonstrate all floor flow, the ability to entice your audience with floor movement, tricks, and choreography, leaving people wondering how the hell you did that! We love a theme, but you don’t need to present a one, as long the vibe is consistent throughout the routine, but we highly recommend one for show factor.


Other things you should know:

  • Pole heels ONLY.

  • No standing allowed.



To all the technical dancers out there, we’re calling your name! The performer must choreograph a lyrical or contemporary styled routine and demonstrate artistic movement and flow. It’s about connecting with the music and making everyone feel all the emotions! A theme or story is highly encouraged in this category. Tell us your story. How does your dance relate to your theme? We want you to take us to another world!


Other things you should know:

  • No shoes (foot thongs or pirouettes allowed).

  • Can spend time on the floor but must be in a lyrical or contemporary style.



Chorey, power, swag! The performer must demonstrate a hip hop or commercial styled routine. You can add any hip hop element to your routine, whacking, voguing, plain choreography etc… and you can add a commercial element, such as jazz. We just want to see you dance and give us all the powerful feels!


Other things you should know:

  • Flat shoes only.

  • Maximum floor work choreography of 40 seconds.


Video submissions are open to performers aged 17 +, of all genders, across all states.

A $20 entry fee applies upon submission (no refunds).


Only one submission is allowed per competitor in each category.


Video submissions must be a maximum of 2 minutes and submitted by (TBC). All video submissions must reflect the category in which you are entering.


4-5 finalists in each category will be selected and announced on (TBC).

Feedback on your applications will available upon request after this date.



Hints for video submissions to stand out amongst the crowd:

It might just be a video audition, BUT it still can count to the overall decision made by your video judges.

Make sure all videos are well lit and clear. If you can we would love to see your faces and the performance behind the maker(s). You can have a few coloured lights if it doesn’t take away from what you have to offer and hide your face.

Videos will be judged off the above marking system and the descriptions provided in your application form.



An email will be sent notifying you of your success! Please send an email in return to confirm your place in the competition, otherwise we will be giving it to the reserve applicants. A Facebook page will be created for updates and convenience of rehearsals and pre-show organisation.


Please submit your theme and music choices in your return email – first in best dressed, if there is a clash, we will notify you.



Please make sure you read all of our rules terms and conditions before submitting your video. GOODLUCK and have FUN!

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