Briony Leigh-fitszimons

Teaches: Ballet, Hip Hop & Jazz 

What is the funniest memory you have of dance?  
So many to choose from, there were always a lot of laughs in troupe, and cleo taping pens to my fingers to keep the straight was a highlight. 


What has dance taught you about life?  
Dance has taught me so much. Simple things like balance and coordination but also much bigger things like perseverance, determination, expression, friendship and the list goes on. 

What do you love about dance?    
What I love most about dance, is its another way of expressing ourselves without using words. It's a place I can always  feel happy and free no matter how my day has been. It is truly the best sport physically and mentally for a person. 


What do you carry in your dance bag?  
All my dance shoes, a drink bottle, spare shorts, a notebook, my phone and wallet, some gum and some panadol and all the crumbled up paperwork I seem to always forget to take out of my bag.  

What is the most challenging thing about dance?  
There are both physical and mental challenges in dance. Dancers work so hard to improve everyday. Pushing and pushing themselves too and sometimes past the limits. I believe dancers are truly one of the strongest types of people.   

What is your motivation as a dancer and an instructor?  
I think to be able to allow myself and all other students express themselves and feel safe and happy in the environment that has been created for us. 

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