Rosalinda Chan

Updated: Jun 4, 2018


It is the end of an era folks, as our beloved Rosalina Chan is leaving CDS and Canberra in that fact to pursue her career in Medicine.

“We will miss you a lot but know we won't loose touch because we are family for life, your home is here in the heart of CDS”

Bittersweet goodbye

However, amongst at the sadness must come celebration because Rosie was accepted in the Bond Medical School on the Gold Coast and we could not be more proud and excited for her! Yay to free medical advice ;)!

Rosie has been apart of the CDS family since what feels like her birth and in all honesty we could not have asked for a better teacher, student, colleague and friend. Her dedication, loyalty and passion is only part of why we love her so much. She can make you laugh so hard you cry, be the voice of reason when you need it and make you question what choreography you fit with a slight head tilt accompanied by a smirk and "are you sure thats what you did?"

Around the Studio

Dedication should be her middle name, always right on time and dragging out those last few minutes at the end of class, you could never fault Rosie in the class room. Always willing to help out wherever she could with a smile on her face and a question or 5. Rosie our main Tap teacher also taught jazz and occasionally was happy to take fusion and Musical theatre classes. she worked closely with students in privates and solos as well as getting involved with the the troupe kids for the first half of 2018.

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