Lil Whitfeld

Teaches: Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz

How long have you been a dance instructor and what styles of dance do you teach?

I have been a dance teacher for four years now and have primarily taught hip hop throughout those years. However, I have also taught jazz and fusion numerous times and am very excited to start teaching musical theatre this year.


What is the most challenging thing about dance?

The most challenging thing about dance I find is not pushing yourself to become better or do better but it’s knowing HOW exactly to do that. It’s one thing knowing your own style of movement but being able to alter that permanently to become a more versatile dancer, I find that quite difficult. 


Describe your dance style in 3 words?

I would say my teaching style is fun, progressive and challenging. 


What is the funniest memory you have of dance?

There’s too many funny memories at dance to name just one. Every day something new happens that we can’t contain our laughter at. But that’s the best part really! 


What do you love about dance?

I love being able to come to dance and no matter what mood you’re in or anyone else is, as soon as you all start moving to the music it’s forgotten about. It’s just something you’re able to put all your energy into and not worry about anything else for that moment. 

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