Georgii bolton

Teaches: Ballet, and Troupe

Who are your favourite dancers/idols?

Sylvie Guillem is 100% my flexibility, control and artistry goals.  I would have to also say Lucette Aldous is a huge role model and she taught one of my ballet teachers and I think that has had a huge influence on my style of teaching.  Last year I got to see Misty Copeland guest perform with the Australian Ballet in the Sleeping Beauty.  She is so amazing in terms of her performance and technique and ballet mastery but also her attitude and the way she is challenging stereotypes.


How long have you been a dance instructor for and what styles of dance do you teach?

I’ve been teaching 7 years and I predominantly teach Ballet. 

What is the most challenging thing about dance?

To me, the most challenging and most amazing thing about dance is that there is always more you can do.  You can never achieve perfection, you can never master everything and so it’s a constant journey to keep striving to be your best, work your hardest and keep developing.  I find that so hard, because I am a bit of a perfectionist myself.


What is your motivation as a dancer and an instructor

I love helping students achieve their goals. I live for the moment that all the effort and repetitive technique drills transform into a beautifully held and aligned extension and when they surprise themselves with a triple pirouette on their less preferred side.

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